available every day 
2pm - 5pm

The pub is a keystone to British culture: it’s the place where families relax, neighbours socialise, and lovers meet. Our local expert guide will lead you ‘off-the-beaten track’, and get you a ’round’ of drinks in three contrasting, independent local establishments. 

This private walking tour includes:

  • Meeting your guide at your hotel or location of your choice
  • Tastings with the barkeeper, and 3 half pints tailored to your taste (alternatives available)
  • A warm welcome from the publican and locals
  • Insights into the beginnings of the pub.
  • Secret snack paired with a half pint in one of our exclusive venues
  • Tailored suggestions of the best pubs, events, and attractions for the rest of your trip
1 - 2 guests 


3-5 guests


6-12 guests


Children are welcome to join the tour, however alcohol will only be served to guests over 18 (the UK legal drinking age).

For larger groups, or to discuss our corporate rates, please email requests@londontailoredtours.com, or use the Contact Us page.

Sample Pub Tour Itinerary

What is a ‘Proper Pub’?
Hear the history of the pub and why it has always been – and will always be – the heart of British culture. Get the inside knowledge from your local expert guide on what makes it ‘proper’.

Enjoy the Craic
Sit down with the locals in a Irish-owned pub and enjoy a pint of the best beer on tap. Hear the fascinating history of the pub’s decor and family ties and learn what the ‘craic’ is.

Be Welcomed by the Landlord at a Family-Owned Local
Visit a community pub that was saved from demolition and sample an IPA (Indian Pale Ale). Sample a secret snack and learn why Dickens made this pub his local.

Explore the Birthplace of Pub Culture in London
Walk through the historic area of Southwark, and hear why pubs first started in this area. Marvel at  beautiful Georgian era architecture.

Relax in a Proper British Boozer
Finish the tour in a classic English pub and try a beer with a recipe that dates back to the 1600s. Discover why many a story, song, or poem has been dreamt up in these community living rooms.

Advice and Support for the Rest of your Trip
We like to stay in touch, so if there are any questions, big or small, for the rest of your trip, we’ll provide them over a drink and we  welcome you to message us post tour.