Available every day
4pm - 6.30pm

Eat like a Londoner. That means eating foods brought here from all over the world, and fused with British traditions to make classic London dishes, in the vibrant and eclectic East End of London.

This private walking tour includes:

  • A cup of tea and a cake in an elegant townhouse
  • The most delicious fish and chips in town
  • World-famous street art in trendy Shoreditch
  • A variety of curries, rice, and naan bread in a Brick Lane curry house
  • A sweet treat, somewhere secret
  • English ale in a proper pub




All food and drink included (equivalent to a full meal)
For groups of over 14 guests please email requests@londontailoredtours.com

Sample Itinerary

Tea and Cake in an Elegant Townhouse
It wouldn’t be a British food tour without this traditional treat. Of course we begin with tea, and a cake made from a historic recipe, while we talk about tea, and the 17th century history of this hidden venue.

Fabulous Fish and Chips
We’ll take you to the most famous fish and chip shop (or ‘chippie’ as the Londoners say) in London. With freshly fried fish and chips being served up all day, it’s no wonder it’s been running since the 1950s.

Shoreditch Street Art
Discover the street art that most people don’t even notice. From giant murals, to tiny models, your guide will direct your eye to the amazing art hidden in plain sight, in the street art capital of the world.

Delicious Curry
Sit together and share a selection of dishes that show how curry adapted to British tastes. Meet the proud owner of this authentic independent restaurant, and hear why curry has become the nation’s favourite dish.

A Sweet Treat
It’s a secret! But we can tell you that it’s a hipster favourite, and it’s delicious. Your guide will bring to life how this quirky treat became a hit with local Londoners.

The Proper Pub
Enjoy a drink in the Londoner’s home-from-home – the local pub. It’s a family-run establishment, where you can even pose for a photo with the pub cat. Here your guide will be happy to give you advice about which food destinations to head for (and what to avoid!) for the rest of your trip. Cheers!

This private tour is halal friendly, and vegetarian options are available. For other dietary requirements please contact us beforehand, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

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