2pm - 5pm
Special Evening Tours on Fridays 5pm - 8pm

The British Museum is home to more than 8 million of the world’s treasures from across the centuries. Take a private tour to unlock the secrets behind some of the most legendary artefacts from history. This private walking tour includes:

  • Entry to the UK’s most famous and comprehensive museum
  • The chance to tailor the content on the tour to your specific interests (just let us know these on booking).
  • The stories and secrets behind the British Museum’s star exhibits, from the Rosetta Stone to the Elgin Marbles
  • The intrigue of how objects have arrived in ‘the Museum of the World’ and the discussions for and against keeping themInsights into the British Empire and the changing attitudes to history and conservation
1 - 5 guests

£295 by public transport
£535 with a premium chauffeured vehicle (available for up to 4 hours)

6 - 14 guests

£295 by public transport
£655 with a premium chauffeured vehicle (available for up to 4 hours)

Public transport at your own cost.

Sample Itinerary

We Come to You
Your private expert guide will meet you at your hotel, apartment or a pre-arranged meeting point and get to know you. We tailor the tour to your interests, and ensure that you see the best of what the Museum has to offer.

The Museum’s Origin Story
Find out about the museum’s eccentric founder, Sir Hans Sloane, and how the British Museum came to be founded in the Bloomsbury district of London.

World Treasures in the ‘World’s Museum’
Experience the world’s last surviving Assyrian temple guardians, the one-of-a-kind Rosetta Stone, and find out why the British Museum is the most visited museum in Britain.

Hear the Secret Stories behind the Exhibits
Hear how the Elgin Marbles went from Athens to London via a country house in Scotland, or how the Rosetta Stone became key to recovering lost languages from ancient history.

Treasures of the World
See the world-famous marble friezes and sculptures that once stood on the Parthenon in Athens, and hear about their long and dramatic history. Then get a glimpse of the remains of the seventh wonder of the world, the Tomb of Halicarnassus.

Mummies, Heads, and Masks
Learn how Ancient Egyptian kings were mummified, how Easter Island heads statues came to be carved, and how to excavate an Anglo-Saxon helmet.

Optional Drop-off at a local Pub or Cafe
After this three hour experience, if you would prefer not to return to your hotel, your guide can make you comfortable at a nearby pub or cafe. They can give you recommendations for the rest of your time in the local area known as Bloomsbury.