2pm - 4pm
Available every day, except Christmas Day 

If a subculture exists in London, you’ll find it in Soho. This is the central London village that Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz, comedy, and the food & drink scene all call home.

This private walking tour includes:

  • A private dynamic and passionate guide
  • A cappuccino at the famous Bar Italia, the original Italian coffee shop in London
  • A stroll through Soho Square to learn about an eclectic range of characters who have brought it significance, from Charles Dickens to Paul McCartney.
  • A peek at the Soho jazz bars, where legends like Jimmy Hendrix and Amy Winehouse made their mark
  • Secrets of modern street art and the ‘Seven noses of Soho’
  • Insights into what remains of the Soho sex industry (and how to spot a brothel)
  • A half-pint at a historic pub – one of Soho’s best kept secrets
1-5 Guests

£390 via public transport

6- 14 Guests

£510 via public transport

All drinks included!
Public transport at your own cost
For groups of over 14 guests please email requests@londontailoredtours.com

Sample Itinerary

Step back into 1950s Soho
Opened by the Polledri family in 1949 Bar Italia soon became a social hub for Italian immigrants in London -selling cappuccinos before people most British people knew what they were. We’ll sit down for one for an introduction to this electric and buzzing neighbourhood.

Take in beautiful Soho Square
Visit a beautiful 17th century square celebrating Charles II, the ‘merry monarch’ and the biggest fan of Soho’s theatre scene (and its actresses, whom he finally allowed onstage to play women’s roles).

See the Jazz Clubs and Music Bars
Whether it’s Amy Winehouse, Beatles of Jimmy Hendrix, Soho’s music scene has seen it all.  Let us show you the hidden dive bars and quirky cafes where music history was made.

Spot the Street Art
Spot some of the famous ‘Seven Noses of Soho’ with your guide, who will bring to life London’s street art scene.

Understand Soho’s Seedier Side
Soho has a rich tradition of subversive nightlife, from legendary clubs and establishments to niche theatres devoted to drag artists.

Sip a Satisfying Pint in a Proper Pub
End the tour the British way, with a pint of something refreshing. Learn how the local pub became a home away from home, and how to spot a ‘proper’ pub.

dog saunter through soho London tailored tours